Counterfeit Detection 2016

Spot Fake U.S. Currency | taught by Joel Zlotnick

Course description

Learn to spot counterfeit U.S. currency in about 45 minutes, using just your eyes and some simple tools.

Using beautiful graphics and lots of interactive exercises, this course covers all of the necessary topics, including:

• Counterfeiting background
• Modern U.S. currency designs
• Watermarks
• Security threads
• Color shifting ink
• Security ribbons
• Simulated security features
• Counterfeit detection pens
• Ultraviolet lights
• Magnifiers
• What to do if you receive a counterfeit

Counterfeit Detection 2016 was designed by Joel Zlotnick, a former U.S. Secret Service forensic scientist and national expert on counterfeiting of U.S. currency. Mr. Zlotnick knows the tricks counterfeiters use to fool their victims, and how to spot them.

Filled with drills that require trainees to detect simulated security features in counterfeit money, Counterfeit Detection 2016 turns cashiers and tellers into confident and safe cash handlers. This course includes detailed information about the new $100 bill release in October 2013, as well as other denominations of modern U.S. money.

Joel Zlotnick
Joel Zlotnick
Owner, Counterfeit Forensics, LLC

A former U.S. Secret Service forensic scientist and expert on counterfeit documents, Joel Zlotnick has extensive experience teaching and authoring curricula for counterfeit detection training. While with the Secret Service, Mr. Zlotnick trained hundreds of Secret Service agents and taught counterfeit detection courses to thousands of cash handlers in more than 20 countries worldwide. Mr. Zlotnick possesses M.S. in Forensic Science and B.S. in Chemistry degrees. Founded in 2011 by Joel Zlotnick, the mission of Counterfeit Forensics, LLC is to provide the best counterfeit detection training possible.

Joel Zlotnick

Course Curriculum

Counterfeit Detection 2016
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