Forensic Printing Process Identification

taught by Joel Zlotnick

Course description

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For detection of counterfeit documents, printing process identification is a critical skill. Printing technologies such as letterpress, intaglio, offset lithography, inkjet, toner and screen printing all work differently to deliver ink to paper. Under magnification, each printing process displays its own microscopic characteristics that can be recognized using the right lighting and magnification.

To help you master these topics, you'll have access to hundreds of magnified images of that were captured using a professional-grade forensic imaging workstation. You'll have control over the lighting conditions used to inspect hundreds of different documents used as examples in this course. You'll choose between incident, oblique and transmitted light to see the unique print characteristics in each example.  

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Joel Zlotnick
Joel Zlotnick
Owner, Counterfeit Forensics, LLC

A former U.S. Secret Service forensic scientist and expert on counterfeit documents, Joel Zlotnick has extensive experience teaching and authoring curricula for counterfeit detection training. While with the Secret Service, Mr. Zlotnick trained hundreds of Secret Service agents and taught counterfeit detection courses to thousands of cash handlers in more than 20 countries worldwide. Mr. Zlotnick possesses M.S. in Forensic Science and B.S. in Chemistry degrees. Founded in 2011 by Joel Zlotnick, the mission of Counterfeit Forensics, LLC is to provide the best counterfeit detection training possible.